Christine Cook - Abstract and Contemporary Art
Christine Cook - Abstract and Contemporary Art

The Artist - Christine Cook

I am a self taught artist. Throughout most of my life, I have never been far from the sea and I draw much inspiration from its many moods. I have loved art since I was a child and have always painted as much for my own enjoyment as that of any viewer of the finished work.

I work from my home studio and tend to be working on several projects simultaneously. Often returning to a piece again and again in search of that little something that makes it unique and yet still bearing my personal style.

My experimentation with colour, texture and different media mean my style is varied. I paint what I feel and see at that time, focusing on the ways colours relate to, or react with each other. The paintings represent my view of the world, capturing my emotions and thoughts on canvas.

The Art - Christine Cook

Contemporary Works
Seascapes are a favourite of mine, these are modern pieces that suit any home or workplace. Tranquil and relaxing scenes in subtle colour schemes, featuring sunsets, desert islands and sea views.

Works focusing on Piers, in particular Brighton's West Pier, Ocean Sunsets around the world and Italian Lakes. Using varying tones of the same colour in the majority of these paintings, capturing the simplicity and beauty of the scenes I'm portraying.

Abstract Works
Paintings that are bursting with colour, modern pieces that make a great focal point. Working in a variety of colours from bold and bright to neutral, working in acrylic and mixed media, collage and impasto styles.

The wonderful thing about abstract work is that each individual viewer can see something different. I also love the versatility of it, by rotating the painting it can take on new meaning.

Painted using high quality materials on deep edge stretched canvases, unless specified otherwise. The sides are painted in a colour matching or complimenting the piece, or around the sides as a continuation of the design. Finally varnish is applied for protection and to enhance the colours.

The paintings can be hung immediately without the need for framing, but can be framed if you prefer to do so.

Each painting is signed and dated on the back and comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.